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Long Awaited Art Room Updates!featured

Hello all! My oh my what a long time it has been! I have been seriously slacking on the blogging game. I will do my best to catch up on what we have been up to. Another exhibit night has long since passed and our third is actually right around the corner (eeeek!). We are Read more

Radical Radial Names

Radical Radial Namesfeatured

Morning lovelies! It is Thursday! And two days before Fall break! No complaints from this lady (except maybe an itty bit about old girl (my car) who decided not to start this morning. Ah well, could be worse, right?!) Anywho, radical radials! (Because alliteration). Sixth graders are finishing up their neato radial name designs this week. Read more


A Little of This and That!featured

SO what a leap into the school year! We are hip deep in projects galore. A few classes are wrapping up project one while some of us quickly stepping into project two. Here are a few glimpses into projects en route. First grade is making dot inspired flowers that we will later put up into Read more