First Days of School!

First Days of School!featured

Hello lovelies! Summer [vacation] has eluded us. Though a few tears may have been shed for the ocean withdrawal I am currently going through, mostly there is a lot of excitement! It has been officially one week since school started. Whewwww what a whirlwind! Slowly but surely my classroom is coming together and my seventh and eighth grade classes have already started their first project ~~~zentangles~~~~

Our schedule is kind of funky. A six day rotation for k-8 and 12 week trimester rotations for seventh and eighth. Clear as mud? Me too. Means I see the same 7th and 8th everyday for 12 weeks than the next 7th and 8th for twelve weeks… etc.

Anywho here are some pictures of the new set up. Till next time!

<3 Ms. Flatley

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