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SO what a leap into the school year! We are hip deep in projects galore. A few classes are wrapping up project one while some of us quickly stepping into project two. Here are a few glimpses into projects en route.

First grade is making dot inspired flowers that we will later put up into tree murals (idea credited to the lovely Cassie Stephens http://cassiestephens.blogspot.com/2014/09/in-art-room-flower-y-mural-for-dot-day.html) And OH MY! are they painting sooooo neatly! I lurve it.

Sixth is doing name radial designs! With a few fancy folds and some schmancy lettering we created these kaleidoscope-esque (it’s a word) name designs! Cannot wait to see them on color.

Seventh is starting value and shading so after a lil practice we are starting on some observation drawing skills in practice. I glued some wooden forms on wood blocks to keep the same composition and we are starting to sketch these out before moving to a mixed media still life.

Eighth grade has been working on these paper mache animal busts that are turning out LOVELY. We just finished the initial layers and are moving onto our designed paper layer. Anywho, more to come as we get there.

Don’t forget about our class instagram!  https://instagram.com/themessyartroom/

<3 Ms. F


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