Radical Radial Names

Radical Radial Namesfeatured

Morning lovelies! It is Thursday! And two days before Fall break! No complaints from this lady (except maybe an itty bit about old girl (my car) who decided not to start this morning. Ah well, could be worse, right?!)

Anywho, radical radials! (Because alliteration). Sixth graders are finishing up their neato radial name designs this week. We took cue from another art teacher {http://applesloveorangespdx.blogspot.com/2012/10/radial-name-tutorial.html} and created these kaleidoscopesque -it is a word- designs!

We had to fold our square papers in a particular fashion and wrote our name making sure it ran off the edges of the pages. We refolded and traced it until the square was filled. It became tricky when our name was upside down and backwards but we persevered through it. We talked about radial patterns and negative space to color our names and man oh man did they come out lovely!



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