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Good Morning lovelies!

My what a month. October has completely flown by. So these two half days are fantastic right now. I can catch my mind up and y’all up. Printmaking madness has begun! Seventh, eighth, third, fourth and second are all about to start or are in full swing. Kindergarten has started their stamping projects as well! Here is a sampling… more to come with finished projects.

Fourth grade is doing a Kimmy Cantrell inspired lesson. We look at his artwork and talk about texture, asymmetry, variety and printmaking. They use styrofoam to carve their faces then after we print we will add a little color with oil pastels.

Seventh grade did an Islamic art lesson based on Zellige (or Zillij) tiles. We talked about the Alhambra and how Zellige tiles were made along with the different colors used and the meanings of them. This website has an AMAZING virtual tour you can take and see all the tiles in place as well as learn some history. (HEY SEVENTH GRADERS if you are reading this and take a tour on this website I will give you some extra credit on one of your projects. You have to tell me which part of the Alhambra you looked at and describe the area.). The prints look wonderful! I am really impressed with the carving and printing skills!

Eighth graders looked at various triptych artworks throughout history and we talked about printmaking and the lino cut process.  Students were able to choose subject matter but it was to be a triptych that was double printed. Meaning they carve once, print, carve that same plate, print again on top. A few students had a very specific idea and we varied this slightly. They have been coming out absolutely GORGEOUS.

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