Exhibit Nightfeatured

Way belated but here are a few pictures of the Fine Arts wall for Exhibit Night! Next time I will get more pictures of all the exhibits and show off what has been going up.

I had SO MUCH art to choose from so if your artwork did not make it up this time, it does not mean it won’t next time or just throughout the year. The paper mache busts turned out fabulous and I was so glad we figured out how to hang them up (Big thanks to some of my fellow exploratory team; Ms. Pierce and Ms. Bolton for helping me jerry-rig these guys up on the wall!! <3) By the way eighth grade, I have had many a teacher mentioning how they would like to hang some of these in their house (they have been hinting with the prints as well). That is a HUGE compliment and really speaks on the artwork that you are creating! Awesome job!

<3 Ms. F

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