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Hello all! My oh my what a long time it has been! I have been seriously slacking on the blogging game. I will do my best to catch up on what we have been up to. Another exhibit night has long since passed and our third is actually right around the corner (eeeek!). We are currently on winter break (9 days off y’all!) and this mid February breather is sooo nice. I am off to California tomorrow to bask in warmth and sun and bid adieu to this cold and windy weather (although it honestly has not been too bad as of late). Anywho…

Let’s start with my kinder babies. We talked about blueprints and architecture before stamping our own. We used random odds and ends to create our house forms.


In kinder we then read “A Pair of Socks” by Stuart J Murphy and discussed symmetry. We then created our own pair of symmetrical mittens or socks. Kinders learned the *magic trick* of folding a piece of paper before you cut it to get symmetrical shapes. If only y’all could have heard the ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhhs’. Kinders make the cutest mittens <3

20160120_124126 20160120_124535

On to first! We read ‘Snowmen at Night’ by Caralyn Beuhner and talked about tints and shades, how to make something look round vs flat and what a birds eye view is. We then used chalk on paper to create tinted circles that would become the head and body of the snowmen. Once we glued those onto our watercolor backgrounds we used cut paper to create arms, a nose and a scarf for our snowmen.

  20160115_125716 20160115_12582920160115_125731

Now we are working on self portraits in first (ohmygosh the tears y’all). Seriously, those little babes are so hard on themselves. They are turning out really well though! I loop a step by step (courtesy of art teacher Nichole Hanh) self portrait video while I walk  around and help them out. You can find that video here. We are not done yet but here is the start!

20160203_130423 20160203_130504 20160203_130328

In second grade we read a few Loius Ehlert books and started creating birch tree landscapes. I totes got this lesson from another art teachin blog but am ashamed to say I do not remember who from. Let me know if I owe you credit! We did a crayon and salt resist watercolor painting (to become birds later) and cut white paper into strips and stamped black paint on them to create the birch tree look. We have been assembling them but had to take a pause to work on travel journal covers. I will post pictures of those later, we are creating a multi media replication of VanGoghs ‘Starry Night’. Super excited about how both projects are turning out!




Third Graders are in the midst of a big Greek unit in their classes and in art. We had some AWESOME conversations about Greek culture and architecture, learned about columns and did an experiment about the strength of certain geometric shapes and then moved on to talk about amphorae. We drew our own amphora shape and created scratch art with oil pastel and black paint. This was the first time doing diy scratch art for me and we some road bumps along the way but ultimately ironed it out (if the paint goes on too thick it peels off in bigger sections and not scratch off so easily). Anyway, here is a peek at those puppies.

20160210_134346 20160210_134330

Fourth grade is currently working on perspective but I have a confession y’all.. I can’t stand perspective drawing. There, I said it! I never liked it as a kid and I get why. It’s tough! But fourth and fifth grade have really been busting it out. Well… we’ve actually kind of dragged it out but we are almost done. Anyway, here are pictures from fourth grades Kimmy Cantrell printmaking unit I mentioned before. I’ll have perspective pictures later!

 20151021_144607 20151021_144602 20151113_141847 20151113_141941

20160208_080642 20160208_080629 20160208_080618

HALFWAY THERE GUYS…. ON TO MIDDLE SCHOOL. Deep breath andddd here we go!

Sixth grade just finished up a winter birch tree landscape after we looked at Monets ‘Magpie’. Tints and shades and color schemes, oh my! I am really proud of their painting skills! We just started an African Mask unit and they seem super into it already so I cannot wait to see what comes of those!

20160120_094502 20160120_094638 20160120_094537  20160120_100336

Seventh grade and I just explored pop art and Andy Warhol and the silk screen process. I am so proud of them! Sometimes this group has trouble staying focused but they really put forth a lot of effort in this. We created paper stencils and then screenprinted them onto tshirts. Here are some of our designs!

20160202_190121 20160202_190303 20160202_190200 20160202_190319 20160202_190336

Eighth grade just finished up a surrealism unit and I’m so happy with the results! I think surrealism can be tricky but eighth grade did a great job of taking everything in stride and creating very unique compositions.

20160208_152120    20160208_152050 20160208_152256

20160208_151800 20160208_151831 20160208_152012

Whew! We made it guys. I am sure there are 2,746,293,585 things I forgot to post about but this is going to have to be it for now. Time to pack my bags because in the morn I am headed out to Californie-way! Have a fantastic break my dears and I will *try my best to* post again soon!

<3 Ms. Flatley



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